Social Justice Mural coming to Dogwood

Save the Dates!

May 3 - Meet Mr. Hamilton Glass! Southgate Community Center @ 5:30-7pm. Learn about how he uses community art to make change in neighborhoods.  

May 23-26- Painting week at Dogwood!

May 25- Dogwood's 1st Annual International Night! 5:30-7:30.  Painting until 8pm

Get Inspired!

A short history:

This project is inspired by the work of Hamilton Glass, a mural artist from Richmond working for community change and social justice. Last year, Dogwood students worked on a collaborative mural (design by Glass shown above) when we were in the middle of distance learning. It was a great way to build a sense of community while we were apart. But we wanted more! We wanted his bright colors on the outside of our building too. Dogwood worked with Reston Community Center and Public Arts Reston to make this happen and it is going to be EPIC! We are so thankful!

Artist Hamilton Glass

Check out his online portfolio and biography to learn more about this amazing artist!

PBS Documentary

Watch the PBS Documentary about Mr. Glass's work in the Richmond area.