Health and Safety Procedures

Health Commitment Form

Parents will be required to complete a one -time Parent/Guardian Health Screening Commitment form.

  • This will indicate your agreement and commitment to completing a daily health screening prior to sending the student to school and also to keep ill students at home.

  • You will receive the commitment form electronically, or via hard copy, in your preferred correspondence language prior to your child resuming face to face instruction.

  • The daily health screening tool and Parent/Guardian Commitment are available at


Visiting Dogwood

In order to ensure health and safety for ALL we are unable to allow visitors at this time. If visitors need to enter the building, please call 703-262-3100 to schedule an appointment.

Face Masks/Coverings

Fairfax County Public Schools has established procedures for the use of face masks (cloth or disposable) for students, staff, and visitors designed to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and other identified infectious diseases during a health crisis. These requirements are outlined in Regulation 2109 (R2109), Face Coverings to Mitigate the Spread of Infectious Disease.

  • All students who are two years of age and older will be required to wear face masks (cloth or disposable) while on school property (including inside FCPS facilities, during FCPS-provided transportation and school sponsored activities). Bus drivers will have disposable face masks available for students who may have forgotten them.

  • Any temporary exception to the requirement of wearing a face mask during the school day, such as while eating, drinking or exercising, will be -under the direction and supervision of a school official(s) when it is safe to do so.

  • Any student requesting an exemption to wearing a face mask due to a medical condition, will provide a written statement from his or her physician confirming that not wearing a face mask is medically necessary. This documentation should be shared with the school principal.

Sick Student Notification and Return to School Form

Returning to School After Illness

In order to return to school, the parent/guardian must provide to the school, a completed Sick Student Notification and Return to School Form. The Sick Student Notification and Return to School Form is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese. The “Return to School” portion of the form must be completed by a healthcare provider, noting the student’s assessment and the date the student may return to school.

Sick Student Notification and Return to School Form

sick form

Tiered Support for Student Health Care Needs

When would a child attending in-person at Dogwood visit the Health Room versus the Care Room when ill?

If a student at Dogwood becomes ill during the school day, the care that they will receive is tiered based upon the nature of their illness.

For example, the loss of a baby tooth would receive self-care in the classroom while a major toothache or loss of an adult tooth would receive care from our School Clinic Aide in the Dogwood Health Room.

Family Guide for Return to School

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is partnering with families to ensure we keep students and staff safe and healthy as we return to school buildings for learning. Working together, we will follow recommended health guidance that focuses on student health, safety, and emotional well-being.

The information in this guide will help families know what to expect as your children return to school. The guide includes steps families will need to take at home in preparation for the return to school. Please take time to review the information. We recommend talking to your children about how school will be different when they return. Ask them what questions they might have and share how we are all working together to prepare for a safe return. Have your children practice wearing a mask during the day. Discuss the importance of hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes.