Clinic services in the school, including the administration of medication and modified first aid, are performed by the clinic staff, parent volunteers, and office staff. The clinic staff may provide care only for minor illnesses and injuries.

Illness or Injury

  • If your child is injured or becomes sick at school, we will notify you immediately.  If we cannot reach a parent, we will call a person you have listed on your Emergency Care Form. It is important that we have an Emergency Care Form on file for each student and that the information is updated as changes occur. Please include several neighbors and family members on the form.

Contagious Illnesses

  • In accordance with the communicable disease policy for Fairfax County Public Schools, students with symptoms such as rashes, skin eruptions, water and inflamed eyes, fever, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea should stay home until the doctor evaluates their symptoms and determines whether they are contagious or the symptoms are no longer present.
    • Students with an elevated temperature should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Parents will be contacted and expected to take their child home if he/she is sent to school with symptoms of an illness, becomes sick, or develops a rash.
  • Please notify the school office if your child should contract chicken pox, strep throat, measles, head lice, or any other contagious disease.


  • If your child MUST receive medication during school hours, you are required to complete the appropriate Fairfax County Public Schools medical authorization forms. 
  • Medication will not be dispensed without proper authorization from a physician.
  • Please complete all medication forms accurately before bringing medication to school.
  • A student may carry and use an inhaler for asthmatic conditions when the student’s physician and parent have both completed the necessary inhaler authorization form. An epinephrine authorization form also is available.
  • The first dose of any new medication must be given at home. Parents or guardians are responsible for submitting a new form to the school each time there is a change in the dosage or in the time at which the medication is to be taken.
  • Parents are reminded that children may not transport or possess any prescription or over the counter medication, at any time.  ALL MEDICATION, PRESCRIPTION OR OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION MUST BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL BY A PARENT.  However, students may bring over the counter cough drops in their original package. They may not share cough drops or any other medication with other students.  Any child, regardless of age, who brings or possesses medication or any drug-related paraphernalia to school, will be disciplined according to FCPS Regulation 2610.

FCPS School Health Services

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