Congratulations to Ceila Osegueda

By Kara Armstrong
March 17, 2021

"Ms. Celia Osegueda is truly an outstanding operational employee who ensures that all of our Dogwood ES students, staff, faCeilamilies, and community members are safe and happy every single day.  She consistently goes above and beyond to lead the custodial team during the COVID-19 global pandemic.  She has recently taken on many additional leadership tasks typically performed by the Building Supervisor while we have experienced a transition of staff.  She has stepped up to manage the custodial team including the schedule, collaboratively planning and preparation of the phase-in of several student groups, and supporting and overseeing the increased cleaning and disinfection needs of the physical building.

Ms. Osegueda does all of this while maintaining her warm, caring, supportive style that truly personifies our caring culture at Dogwood. Ms. Osegueda always jumps in to support a need with a smile, whether it is helping teachers with classroom set up, supporting distributions for students and community members, or creating structures that support mitigation strategies. Additionally, Ms. Osegueda has volunteered her time after her custodial shift to volunteer in one of Dogwood's 2nd grade classrooms.  She is a champion of our children and quickly forms relationships with them. She is a trusted adult for many students, especially among our immigrant and Spanish-speaking student group, as she is bilingual.  Parents and families also have strong relationships with Ms. Osegueda and seek out her connection as a trusted member of the school community. 

Ms. Osegueda is highly collaborative and highly respected among the staff at Dogwood as well.  She takes enormous pride in her work and is very aware of the impact that it has on others.  She ensures that our building and grounds are meticulously maintained and beautiful.  She even volunteers her own time to arrange flowers that are regularly donated to the school into beautiful arrangements for our main office, staff lounge, and offices, which brighten up the spaces and contributes to our welcoming environment.

She truly cares about others and is committed to the success of all.  Whether she is ensuring our health & safety in the building, volunteering to support students in the classroom, providing care for staff, or nurturing connections with our families, Ms. Osegueda is the epitome of an outstanding employee.  She is a shining example of the excellence in the FCPS premier workforce. I highly support Ms. Celia Osegueda for the award of FCPS Outstanding School-based Operational Employee."

~Mrs. Katie Aldridge, Assistant Principal