Ms. Gomez Osegueda Recognized as the FCPS 2021 Region 1 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee

By Department of Human Resources
June 10, 2021

Celia Gomez OseguedaCongratulations to our awesome custodian Celia Gomez Osegueda who was recognized as the FCPS 2021 Region 1 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee and one of the six finalists for the FCPS Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee at this year's FCPS Honors event, held at Jiffy Lube Live on June 9th.

Celia is incredibly kind, caring, hard-working, and highly respected among the staff, students, and families of the Dogwood community. She is a champion of the students and easily builds relationships with them. She is a trusted adult for many, especially native Spanish-speakers and new-to-the-country students. Celia also forms meaningful relationships with parents and families, who seek out connections with her as a trusted member of the school community. She takes pride in leading the increased cleaning and disinfection of the building to ensure that Dogwood did not have any cases of COVID-19 during the height of the global pandemic. Her care for the students, staff, and families is unmatched, she is truly a treasure to Dogwood Elementary School.

Congratulations to our following staff members who were also recognized at this year's FCPS Honors Ceremony!

Outstanding Elementary New Teacher School and Pyramid-Level Recipient

  • Morgan Farber, Art Teacher

Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee School-Level Recipient

  • Kelly Sweeney, School Psychologist

Outstanding Elementary Teacher School and Pyramid-Level Recipient

  • Jenny Chou Silverio, Learning Disabilities Teacher

Thank you to Graciela Miranda for all of her hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison.