3rd Grade Newsletter

March 2021

By 3rd Grade Team
March 01, 2021
Dogwood is currently a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme.  We began our candidacy in March 2017.  After four years, we are finally in the final stages of our candidacy!  In June, we submitted our application stating that we are ready to become an authorized IB PYP school.  
On April 8 and 9, we will have two IB educators visiting Dogwood virtually as part of our verification visit.  This is the final step before we can become an authorized IB PYP school.  During this visit, the IB educators will have the opportunity to virtually visit classrooms and talk to our staff, some students, and some parents.  We are looking forward to this visit and the opportunity to share our learning and work from the past four years.  
A few months after this visit, we will receive feedback and hopefully acknowledgement that we are an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme school.  We would become just the second authorized IB PYP school in Fairfax County!  
If you have any questions about our journey or the visit, please reach out to our PYP Coordinator, Adrienne Schumer at acschumer@fcps.edu.

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • Researchers engage in a process of inquiry to ask and seek answers to questions.
  • Researchers use close observation to learn new information or develop an idea.
  • Researchers collaborate and discuss to clarify thinking.
  • Researchers decide what message they want to send.
  • Readers and writers use knowledge of open and closed syllables to solve and spell unknown words.

PYP Connections-

  • Learner Profile Attributes:  Open-minded
  • Approaches To Learning:  Communication Skills
  • Concept: Perspective

Home/School Connection

  • Please make sure to log on to Imagine Learning at least 20 minutes EVERYDAY!
  • Questions to ask at home:
    • How can I develop a deeper understanding to communicate my perspective to others?
    • Whose perspective is being shared?
    • Whose perspective is missing?
    • What new information did you learn?
    • How does this information connect to what I already know?


What are we learning?

  • Name and write fractions and mixed numbers represented by a model.
  • Represent fractions and mixed numbers with models and symbols.
  • Compare fractions having like and unlike denominators, using words and symbols (>, <, =, or ≠), with models.
  • Solve practical problems that involve addition and subtraction with proper fractions having like denominators of 12 or less.

PYP Connections-

  • Learner Profile Attributes: Reflective and Inquirer
  • Approaches To Learning: Self-Management
  • Concept: Connection

Home/School Connection

  • Please make sure to play ST Math at least 20 minutes EVERYDAY!
  • Questions to ask at home:
    • What is a fraction?
    • What is a whole?
    • How do you know what the whole is?
    • Where do you see fractions in your everyday life?
    • How can you show a fraction on a numberline?


What are we learning?

  • The student will understand how civilizations have geographically changed over time, with a focus on Ancient Greece.
  • The student will describe and evaluate how people in Ancient Greece adapted to their environment.
  • The student will explain how the contributions of Ancient Greece (government, architecture, and sports) continue to influence our world today.

PYP Connections-

  • Learner Profile Attributes: Communicator
  • Approaches to Learning: Research Skills
  • Concept: Causation

Home/School Connection

  • Students will be working on a project about contributions of Ancient Greece. Please ask them to share what they are creating and what they have learned during our unit. 

Important Dates and Reminders:

  • March 29 - April 2: No School ~Spring Break
  • April 5 - No School

Family Life Education- FLE

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) provides a comprehensive, sequential Family Life Education (FLE) program for kindergarten through grade twelve. The FLE program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make healthy, responsible, respectful, and life-enhancing decisions related to human growth and development, relationships, and emotional and social health. Instruction is seen as a partnership among parents and guardians, the school, and the community in supporting the learning essential to the development of strong families, positive relationships, and a healthy community.

Parents/guardians may choose to opt their child out of all or part of the Family Life Education program. Students who are opted out are provided with age-appropriate, non-punitive alternative health instruction, and every effort is made to foster respect for family choices. If you wish to opt your child out of all or part of FLE for this school year, please let your teacher know.

Detailed grade-level program descriptions (lesson objectives and descriptive statements) are available for each grade level at Elementary (K-6) https://www.fcps.edu/academics/elementary-school-academics-k6/elementary-family-life-education

We will be doing FLE lessons the week of April 12. More information will be sent out soon. 

Return to School Information

In case  you missed Group 7’s Town Hall the recording can be found here:

Group 7 Town Hall Recording 

Please also check the Dogwood Family Partnership Handbook for information and updates regularly.

Schedule Reminder:


Students will work asynchronously. Please make sure to fill in the attendance form and work posted by your teacher. 


9:00-9:20: News Show & Morning Meeting

9:20-10:20: Mathematics 

10:20-11:20: Language Arts 

11:20-12:05: Specials 

12:05-1:35: Lunch/Recess

1:35-2:20: Science/Social Studies 

2:20-3:05: Small Groups

3:05-3:30: Asynchronous Learning/Dismissal

Please make sure your student is logging in on time and with their supplies ready to learn each day.

Technology Information:

  • Dogwood’s Technology Solution Station is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 AM to 11 AM and no appointment is necessary.