3rd Grade Newsletter

May/June 2021

By 3rd Grade Team
May 03, 2021
Summer Practice Books Coming Soon!

Summer Practice Books will be mailed home to FCPS students to provide suggested activities for students to support continued learning.  Families who have opted-out of paper mailings from the division will only receive digital copies of the Summer Practice Books.  Books will be mailed home to families in early June to arrive before the last day of school, June 11, 2021.  Families will receive email communication in May about upcoming book arrival.  Digital versions of books will be emailed to the enrolling parent SIS account in PDF format the week of June 7, 2021.

Students enrolled in grades K-8 in 2020-21 will receive one Language Arts Practice Book and one Math Practice Book by course enrollment.  These books will also include information and guidance about digital tools that can be accessed by students and families to support learning throughout the summer.

Language Arts

What are we learning?

For the last few weeks of school we will be focusing on book clubs. 

  • Understand that contributing, listening, and responding are equally important roles in a conversation.
  • Understand that engaging in ideas about books deepens your understanding of the text and broadens perspectives.
  • Understand that connecting with people over books can change the way you feel about reading.

Home/School Connection

  • Please make sure to log on to Imagine Learning at least 20 minutes EVERYDAY!
  • Questions to ask at home:
    • What do you know about how this series tends to go?
    • What do you know about how this character tends to act?
    • What can you predict based on what you know about how this series tends to go or what the character tends to do?
    • What are you learning about characters' feelings, motivations, or struggles?
    • How did talking with a partner or small group change your thinking?


What are we learning?

For the last few weeks of school we will be reviewing the following topics:

  • Place Value Models (model, word, written)
  • Rounding (thousand, hundred, ten)
  • Estimating - story problems (make connection to rounding)
  • Patterns (objects, pictures, tables, numbers)
  • Story Problems (mixed operations )
  • Equality
  • Fraction models (mixed numbers - number lines, area models)

Home/School Connection

  • Please make sure to play ST Math at least 20 minutes EVERYDAY!
  • Create flashcards to review basic multiplication facts.

Social Studies

What are we learning?

  • The student will understand the use of natural, human, and capital resources in relation to West African Empire of Mali.
  • The student will understand the concepts of specialization and trade.  
  • The student will understand the concepts of opportunity cost and economic decision making.

PYP Connections-

  • Learner Profile Attributes: Communicator 
  • Approaches to Learning: Thinking Skills 
  • Concept: Causation

Home/School Connection

  • Ask your student: How does where people live affect their daily life?

Important Dates and Reminders:


  • June 8- All students are virtual. There will be no in person classes. 
  • June 11- Last Day of School/Early Release
  • June 11- ALL school-issued laptops will have to be returned to Dogwood. Laptops will not be kept over the summer. If a student is attending summer school another laptop will be provided once summer school begins. More details on drop off and collection procedures coming soon.
  • Dogwood Summer Programs: 

Dogwood will offer a summer program for each grade level between the dates of July 12-30.  Click the following links for more information and to register. Space is limited.

Dogwood 2021 Summer Bridge To Kindergarten.pdf

Dogwood 2021 Summer Bridge to First.pdf

Dogwood 2021 Summer SOAR.pdf

Schedule Reminder:


Students will work asynchronously. Please make sure to fill in the attendance form and work posted by your teacher. 


9:00-9:20: News Show & Morning Meeting

9:20-10:20: Mathematics 

10:20-11:20: Language Arts 

11:20-12:05: Specials 

12:05-1:35: Lunch/Recess

1:35-2:20: Science/Social Studies 

2:20-3:05: Small Groups

3:05-3:30: Asynchronous Learning/Dismissal

Please make sure your student is logging in on time and with their supplies ready to learn each day.

Technology Information:

  • Dogwood’s Technology Solution Station is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 AM to 11 AM and no appointment is necessary.