6th Grade Newsletter

March 2021

By 6th Grade Team
March 01, 2021
We did it!! We have officially transitioned from 100% virtual learning to our two day a week concurrent teaching, where some students are face to face and others are virtual.  As this experience is so new for us all we are so excited to continue to learn and adjust together through the rest of the school year. Thank you for your continued support!

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • In language arts, we have been reviewing themes.
  • We have also been focusing on the elements in fiction such as setting, characters, conflict, and resolution.  Students have also learning about poets choosing poetic tools to reveal images, evoke feelings, and produce sound.

Home/School Connection

  • What book have you connected with recently?
  • Tell me about a theme that you discussed in class this week.


What are we learning?

  • Students are learning how to write algebraic expressions
  • Students are also learning how to solve one step algebraic equations

Home/School Connection

  • What is an example of an algebraic expression?
  • How can you check your answer to see if you’re correct?


What are we learning?

  • We are learning all about atoms! Protons, neutrons, and electrons OH MY!
  • Students are also learning about chemical equations and compounds

Home/School Connection

  • What is an element that you’ve learned about on the periodic table?
  • What does it mean for something to be a compound?

Important Dates and Reminders

  • March 25th Family Life Education (FLE) Preview Night
  • March 26 : 2 Hour Early Release End of Quarter 
  • March 29 : April 7 - SPRING BREAK 
  • April 8-9 : PYP Verification Visit
  • April 12-16 : Family Life Education (FLE) Lessons

Family Life Education (FLE) program:

  • FLE lessons will take place the week of April 12-16th. Parents/guardians may choose to opt their child out of all or part of the Family Life Education program. If you wish to opt your child out of all or part of FLE for this school year, please let your child's teacher know.
  • You can find detailed information about 6th grade FLE here https://www.fcps.edu/year-at-a-glance/sixth-grade-family-life-education-fle 

Asynchronous Mondays: 

  • Every Monday students will log in at 9:00am to complete asynchronous work independently.  Students are responsible for also submitting their own attendance using their attendance google form.

Technology Information:

  • Dogwood’s Tech Help Desk is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 AM to 11 AM if your child is having problems with their technology.
  • If you haven’t filled out the parental consent form for your child, please fill it out at this link: (https://isweb.fcps.edu/iscontacts/techpermform.cfm?secure=) It’s important to fill out this form so your child can use all of the technology programs FCPS has to offer for students.

Class Compliments

Ms. Crew Our class has transitioned wonderfully into concurrent learning!  Both virtual and face to face students have been so flexible and patient with all of the learning and adapting that has come with this adjustment.  Looking forward to seeing all of the growth that will happen during our last quarter of the year!
Ms. Good Our class has done wonderfully with starting our concurrent instruction. We are continuing to build our responsibility skills as we prepare for middle school.

Mrs. Jones &  Mrs. Miccio

We are doing a nice job of participating in person and virtually. Our class has been kind, patient, and caring as we have made another transition with our schedule. Way to go 6th graders - it’s almost quarter 4!!
Mr. Whaley This week ends the 3rd quarter.  Students are being reminded to complete missed work.  Those students who have been face to face this past week have adjusted quickly.